What is wrong with the priorities in this country?  You have to read this article in the Army Times about the DoD and the Veterans Jobs Bill? It’s unbelievable what our fellow vets are having to deal with after returning from the Middle East regarding getting a job in civilian life.

Then, you look at the Veteran Employment status, which is still unacceptable!

WOW! We have to do more, NOW!

The year over year Unemployment rate for Gulf War-era II veterans rose 2% in May making me wonder if last month was a fluke.  When you compare it to the Nonveteran numbers, it’s now 42% over the Nonveterans rate.

For yet another month, when we compare where the rates are for Gulf War-era II veterans to all the others in this report, the news gets even worse! The Gulf War-era II veterans, and in particular MEN who served in the Middle East after 9/11, are the only status categories STILL in the double digits!

Please Contact Us if you are a Veteran and want to work.

This has to change, NOW!

Veteran Employment Statistics

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