On this day of remembrance, everyone talks about the cost of Freedom and rightly so.  Without question, those who have served in our military make sacrifices that no other Americans can compare to.

We know that Freedom comes at a price, but how free are you really?

Based on the 1941 State of the Union Address given by FDR, Norman Rockwell captured the Four Freedoms mentioned in the Address in a well-known series of paintings.  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear all depict those Four Freedoms in ways that have ingrained themselves into our popular culture.  But, think about each of those for a minute or two and contemplate what Freedom means to you.

Does Freedom mean working a 60-hour week for a 40-hour week paycheck?  Does Freedom mean drinking heavily on Friday & Saturday nights with your friends to commiserate about work, spouses, and what used to be?  Does Freedom mean being deeply in debt to “keep up with the Jones” by buying that new gaming console or smartphone?

Or does Freedom mean making your house payment with the profit from a home-based business?  Does Freedom mean making your car payment with the profit from a rental property?  Does Freedom mean buying that new smartphone with the proceeds from a stock trade?  Does Freedom mean working in a career that you love regardless of the income because your needs are provided for from your assets working for you?

What does Freedom feel like to you?

Comment, call, email, text, tweet.  Let’s discuss your Freedom today.

All you need to do is ask.

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