Veterans Wanted!

You did great things when you proudly served our country.

Are you still doing great things?

You were the “mayor” of a village in Afghanistan or Iraq.  You supervised 5, 20, 100 or more enlisted personnel and you directed them in their daily tasks.  You were a leader of a team responsible for completing a mission.

What mission are you leading now?

You provided security for a perimeter in Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, or Kosovo.  You stood watch and defended our freedom in Korea, Germany, or patrolling the World’s vast oceans or bright blue skies.  You supported those who were on the front lines and provided them the security to do their job.

Who controls your security now?

You were responsible for running drills regularly so you knew what to do if the enemy attacked.  You were entrusted with millions of dollars of government property and you took pride in that trust.  You were responsible for your entire team getting home safe at the end of the day.

What responsibilities are you entrusted with now?

Like you, I am proud of my service and I need to do more.  We must do this together.  If you need a mission to lead again, I have one for you.  If you want to provide for your own security, let me show you how.  If you must have more responsibility than you currently shoulder, I have action for you to take.

You were a great leader!

You were a great protector!

You were a great warrior!

… And do you know what?

You are still great!

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Call now and be great again!

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